Lyst Ltd. | Interactive infographic

Project Brief: The interactive infographic is to essentially promote the high heels sold on Ranging from high street to designer brands. Collaborating with a known reflexologist to get tips on how to look after your feet so that you can match the styles and 'get the look'.  It's common knowledge that high heels affect your feet, however people will not stop wearing them. So the core idea behind this piece is to educate people on how to keep feet in optimum condition while wearing heels. This is where the A-Z High Heel Health 'Lyst' comes into play. 

Purpose: To promote the high heels sold on They range from high street to designer brands. Optimally, to increase the traffic to the heels category pages on Lyst and to result in an increase in sales. 

Audience: The main target audience for Lyst is UK, US, Canada and Australia. Promotion afterwards will be focused on these areas and will target valuable publications such as specific fashion magazines/ health magazines for each market. Based on Lyst's theme and colour scheme of black and white and depicting from the logo, keeping the sophisticated and black and white theme- 'Chanel' inspired. 

Format:  The page should be used as a marketing piece to gain traction on other websites to generate links back to the Lyst website.  This will done using an embed piece of content on Lysts editorial pages. Links to this will be built, as well as offering the embed code to Journalists so that they can embed the piece into their own articles and simply credit Lyst with a link to their heel's category page. The embedded content will be responsive to work on all devices, even on other websites.
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